On a Bi-monthly basis, we have a community empowerment summit. The purpose is to allow the community to come in a safe space to speak freely on common struggles.

Women Empowerment Summits

Guiding Principals

Millions of people suffer and die every year because they don’t have the most basic necessity freely available to them. We are simply implementing four guiding principles.

1.Commitments:MCOO wants to inspire self-reliance, interpersonal skills, and a sense of hope.

2.Responsibility: MCOO is focused on empowering the community in establishing goals and following through commitments. 

3.Possibilities:MCOO wants to expand the perspective of people, and reunite them with life's possibilities.

4.Support: Individuals are influenced by their support system and surroundings. MCOO want to surround the people in caring, learning, and supportive environments. 

Feeding/Clothing the Homeless

A few of many Community events we offer.

Community Empowerments

A group of wonderful ladies were able to fellowship and discuss what was on their heart, and going on in their lives without judgment, while receiving wonderful advice on how to move forward through it all.

On a monthly basis we reach out and feed the homeless. The meal is simple but much appreciated.
A small handful of volunteers accompanied staff members to give out clothes and socks to the homeless living in the streets as well as in shelters.